Kiku Huckle

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)



First Advisor

Carole D. Spencer

Second Advisor

Mark Hall


This study examines the Evangelical critique of the Religious Right for veracity, and the position of the Right is then tested for theological soundness. The Evangelical Left is represented by Sojourners Magazine and associates due to its long-lasting position as one of (if not the) main liberal Christian organizations during the two decades reviewed here. The Christian Coalition was chosen to represent the Religious Right during the 1990's as that was its time of great visibility and influence. The Family Research Council stands for the Right in this decade due to its current prominence. The Theological assessment is based upon the motivating Christian principle of love, as evidenced by Matthew 25:34-46, and Paul's exhortations for upright behavior in Christian leaders, as seen in Titus 1 :5-9 and 2:7-8. Not only must Christians behave well according to the standards set by society, but they must also behave in such a way that is distinctively Christian. The defining question of this study is, "Can one tell, through their actions and words, that these two Religious Right groups are Christian?"