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Book Review

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Similar but different is the metaphor to describe both multifaith books reviewed here—similar in that both are exploring the many facets of how to live in our multifaith world today, and different because the books are written for different audiences and ages. Teaching for a Multifaith World, edited by Eleazar S Fernandez, is written for an audience of seminarians. The language is pastoral and the book is a compilation from writers from many well-respected seminaries across the United States. The title of the book implies that this might be a textbook in a course within a religious studies program. From Bubble to Bridge, written by Marion Larson and Sara Shady, with several coauthors, may more likely be used more broadly, from senior capstone courses in Christian universities to churchbased small-group studies. Both books focus on issues within the United States, and some of the views could be carried to other developed countries outside the USA. Neither book is mission-oriented or directly intended for use in conversion of people to the Christian faith.


Originally published in International Journal of Christianity & Education on April 18, 2018.