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Religions and spiritual beliefs answer the profound questions we ask ourselves: What is the meaning and purpose of my life? Who am I? What is right and wrong behaviour? Of course, in a resource like My Place in the World and in this Teacher’s Resource Guide, we can barely scratch the surface of the beliefs, traditions, and practices of the faiths and spiritual beliefs discussed. Nevertheless, in this part of the Teacher’s Resource Guide, we provide information about each of the faiths included in the student resource. We present the information in chronological order of the appearance of each major spiritual belief or religious faith. Our hope is that we have provided enough background information to allow you to teach informatively about the faiths and spiritual beliefs included in My Place in the World.


Originally published in Religious Education, Grade 1 Curriculum Guide, Interim Edition, 45-86. St. Johns, NF: Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Education, September, 2010.