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Excerpt: "King’s introduction provides the answer to the most compelling and perhaps perplexing question that comes to mind when one picks up a book of articles published from 1970 through 2010. Why? After all, in the day of search engines and electronic data banks, it does not require much of a hunt to unearth older and out-of-print articles. Furthermore, in the academy we often overlook anything with a publication date beyond ten years ago simply because it becomes “historical” and newer scholars have offered alternate perspectives while building upon the contributions of our more distant colleagues, as they should. However, King makes it clear that his purpose lies in the pursuit of the finest contributions over the last forty years, hence the purpose of this collection of articles bound into a single edition. According to King, Christian Scholar’s Review published over 600 manuscripts during that time period, and he has chosen twenty-four to include in this volume. With that understanding, one might assume the book holds a treasure trove of the very best in Christian works."


Originally published in Journal of Education and Christian Belief 17 (2).