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Excerpt: "It takes no small amount of courage to teach middle school students. Tammy has the necessary courage and a lot more too. On one of my visits to her class, I wanted to know what her students believe it means to be American Indian. So I asked. When you ask a group of middle school kids a question, it is hard to tell what answers you might get in return. In this case most of the responses revealed just how important the question was for this class of young Native students. They generally appeared to deeply consider what to say, with several writing down their responses before responding verbally. The seriousness of the answers underscored the significance of the question. The themes surrounded notions of relatives, history, and respect. Consider a few of the typical responses."


Archived with permission of the publisher from Tribal Strengths and Native Education: Voices from the Reservation Classroom. Copyright © 2018 by the University of Massachusetts Press.

ISBN: 978-1-62534-303-1