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Educators introduce ideals in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and the overall purposes of education, often by introducing new phrases or assigning new meanings to familiar language. Attracted to those ideals, other educators begin using this language, sometimes simply because it has grown popular, hut without rejecting on it and without altering their educational practice, thus reducing the language and the ideals to slogans. This article offers both strategic and principal reasons for educators, and especially Christian educators, to use educational language carefully. One's colleagues and students notice when we fail to practice what we preach, landing us in an easily-visible irony. Scripture calls all of US to truth-telling and to plain speech. In view of the potential for irony and of God's norms for language use, we need to align our language use with our practice, by adjusting one or both


Originally published in Didaskalia, 27 Fall 2016, p 211-228.

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