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Extract: "This book is for teachers, written by teachers, about the magic days. The days when things go so well you imagine that although teaching is a severely underpaid gig, you loved your work so much you might consider teaching for free. Maybe your most challenging students joined you on the learning journey in a new way, or a slightly under-planned lesson went much better than you anticipated, generating clear direction for the following week. Maybe things took a completely unexpected turn, and a teachable moment turned into a power hour fueled by excited and engaged students. These are the moments when teaching seems to flow effortlessly, when we know what to do and move seamlessly from task to task. Sometimes, early in a teaching career, these moments happen only occasionally. A year or two in, teachers might start having more of those moments, stringing the moments together into hours or even days. And with time, reflection, and experience, teachers move easily into the flow of teaching, subsequently gaining more joy in their professional lives. It is these flow experiences and the ways teachers create them through tactful action that we focus on in this book."


This is an Accepted Manuscript of a book chapter published by Routledge/CRC Press in Generating Tact and Flow for Effective Teaching and Learning on 27 November 2020, available online: or

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