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This NCPEA Position Paper articulates a national perspective for the development of teacher leadership programs with leadership from educational administration professors. The National Council of Professors of Educational Administration (NCPEA), as the professional organization that provides direction and leadership for its members, presents a vision for dialogue and action to collaboratively develop teacher leadership programs among professors of educational administration and teacher education faculty. We believe that leadership matters and thus we submit there is a sense of urgency for professors to collaboratively develop teacher leadership programs embedded within educational administration programs. It is crucial that these programs articulate knowledge and skills aligned to the national standards for preparing school leaders–leaders who know excellent instruction, but who also are excellent leaders. We envision programs of teacher leadership that include both content and leadership instruction, integrating concepts from curriculum from teacher education, and leadership from educational administration that cultivate skills. These leadership skills are applied in authentic educational environments where experiences are cultivated and guided by both university professors and school practitioners. Appropriate instructional methods for adults provide learning through problem-based concepts where teacher leader candidates can plan, experience, and evaluate on-the-job activities to develop voice, confidence, and actions as leaders and change agents, without ever assuming an official role or title of school administrators. In this document we present three principles for consideration, which correlate with three audiences that could advance these principles.