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Spring 2016


The idea of "strengths" is a shift for the western world in how it looks at talents, skills, and weaknesses. The strengths paradigm is an assessment that universities are using to assist students in identifying their talents and strengths. Many have written about strengths and the individual; few have written about or researched the impact of the paradigm on team development. Discussing how disparate strengths can work in relationship to one another is important. Moreover, understanding that improper use of strengths can lead to the "shadow" side of strengths creating dissonance and conflict in a team is also important. This article reflects on what is necessary for a team to provide space for a beneficial exploration and facilitation of strengths. Using literature, student interviews, and personal observations, this article intends to prompt further discussion and the production of literature as it pertains to how strengths work with college teams.


Originally published in Growth, number 15, Spring 2016, pages 2-13.

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