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The Y Factor


In my last column, I discussed the Sabbath in terms of its personal, physical and spiritual dimensions. In this column I want to examine its implications for corporate institutions such as Christian colleges and universities-and the libraries that serve them.

As you remember, there is physical significance-as well as spiritual-to the concept of Sabbath. God instituted a rhythm of work and rest. Probably all of us agree that periodic rest is a good thing for us as human beings. Does the same principle apply to corporate institutions, or does the fact that people only work five or six days in a seven-day institution justify continual operation? A number of librarians in the ACL listserv survey indicated that they use other days for rest; therefore, Sunday work is not a personal problem. At the corporate level, though, most librarians expressed sensitivity toward others regarding the subject, curtailing library services on Sunday and preferring volunteers for Sunday duty. Is this an acceptable compromise?