The Jessie C. Eury Library of Lincoln Christian College and Seminary (Lincoln, IL) is proud of the "Hymnals of the Stone-Campbell Movement: Enos E. Dowling Hymnal Collection" on its website at www.lccs.edu/library/hymnals.

This online collection of more than 9,000 hymns from rare 19th century hymnals features works by Alexander Campbell, J.T. Johnson, Walter Scott, and Illinois residents such as Barton W. Stone, Silas W. Leonard, and the Fillmore Brothers. These hymnals were selected from some 2,000 gathered by Mr. Dowling, former academic dean at Lincoln Christian Seminary, throughout his lifetime, including nearly 200 affiliated with the Restoration Movement that arose from the 19th century Stone-Campbell religious heritage on the American frontier. His collection is one of the largest-known compilations of hymnals representing this religious movement and serves to illustrate changing religious musical styles.