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"Written For Our Instruction" Professional Ancestors Who Integrated Faith And Practice


We have never before attempted a study of librarians who integrated their Christian beliefs into the teaching and practice of library and information services. We have, however, discussed this topic in conceptual terms in our essay, "The Master We Serve," published in 1993 and since reprinted on three occasions, most recently by Gregory A. Smith in Christian Librarianship.1 Our goal this time is much different from our goal in the earlier essay. This time we are looking back into the lives of individual librarians to recover their unique stories; we want to recall and, in some instances, re-interpret their life experiences in order to identify those who walked by faith. But we are trying to go a step further, seeking not just to know about librarians who remained faithful to their calling as followers of Jesus but also to learn something of their struggle, something of their particular dilemma, something that brought their faith directly into contact with their work as practitioners and professors.

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