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Small Library, Big Job


Many small college libraries employ only one professional. T hat means one person serves as reference librarian, cataloger, acquisitions specialist, circulation supervisor, inter-library loan officer, periodicals manager, information literacy instructor, and administrator- as well as conm1ittee member and sometimes teacher. (We won't mention organist, student activity sponsor, or even volleyball coach.) Wearing so many hats at one time can be both a bane and a blessing. "No two days are ever alike." "I like being my own boss." " It's never boring." A 2004 ACL Conference roundtable discussion brought out all of these positives about working in the single-professional library. But the twenty or so librarians who attended were also quick to mention long hours, stress, and backlogs of work that burden them in their assigned places of service. They shared some very help fit! words of advice for those who work in similar situations.