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The Day of Pentecost was the beginning of the charismata or spiritual gifts. This was the day that had been looked forward to for hundreds of years, the day that God poured out His Spirit on all flesh as He had done in a measure for His holy prophets. The disciples, at Jesus command, had done many wondrous signs and miracles but the power to do these things was given to them only for a season. Now the Holy Spirit was to abide in the Church forever.

A number of the charismata were demonstrated on that first day and those days immediately following. Those that observed, a~d they were many, marveled at the works of God and in adoration, joy, and thankfulness joined the ever increasing number of disciples. The multitudes recognized the power of God in the gifts which the disciples demonstrated. This attraction brought various kinds of people; those seeking help and insight into God's Word and Way, and also unprincipled characters seeking self-glory, fame and riches.

Greek and Latin education and philosophy began to find its way into the thinking of the people. The apostles worked hard to instruct the church and maintain the spiritual vigor, but the gifts began to vanish from the main stream of Christianity. B,y the fourth century the gifts had become an extraordinary thing.

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