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In all branches of learning there is a perennial need to check-up on material to determine if progress is being made and to note where a dead-end has been reached or actual retrogression has taken place. In no field is this check-up more necessary than in the field of theology and philosophy.

The problem of this study has been to determine if Arminian theology in America, as represented by two of her most influential theologians, has been true to the philosophy and theology of John Wesley and, also, to determine if they have advanced this thought in any significant manner. More generally the problem of this study has been to delineate the main current of Wesleyan-Arminian theology. Randolph s. Foster and John Miley, consecutively professors of theology at Drew Theological Seminary in the latter half of the nineteenth century, were chosen as representing the most influential school of Arminian theology in America. In this study, comparison has continually been made of the chosen American representatives with the three most influential British theologians, Wesley, Watson, and Pope. ·

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