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The church and Christian education are very closely related. The New Testament teaches that the church is the body of Christ. This body is composed of human beings whose lips, hands, and feet are dedicated, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, to the revealing of Christ to the world.l It is the evangelical position that points up the fact that all men are depraved, or incapable of saving themselves. Salvation can only come from the divine miracle of regeneration.

For all "Who hold to this evangelical standard of salvation by regeneration, the true aim of Christian education is two fold. First, to provide the knowledge necessary for the approach to this crisis experience, as well as the acceptance of Christ as Saviour and Lord. Second, the nurture then necessary to encourage growth as Christians. The true church is composed of persons supernaturally regenerated.

Since true church membership is a spiritual relationship between God and man, there arises the question of how the church can best provide the proper educational function.