Rebecca Wang

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Teaching has never been easy. There is no formula for instant teaching success. It takes time, energy, patience, work and prayer. But, teaching can be a exciting and satisfying experience, if the teacher knows what to teach and how to do it effectively.

There are many specific steps and techniques which teachers can employ that will lead to more effective teaching. This project is a attempt to identify and systematize some of the basic elements of teaching and learning in the church. We can not cover everything, but we can uncover some of the essential inqurdients to effective teaching.

Teacher training has long been beyond the reach of Taiwan's church, for lacking of adequate teaching personnel and material. Now here is a tool which designed for use on the local level. This material can be used with good success by Pastor, Sunday school Superintendent, and others willing to spend a reasonable amount of time and effert in preparation. One of its greatest uses will be to challenge prospective teachers, enlist them in the work of the Sunday school and train them for that most important ministry.