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Throughout its history, the Evangelical Church has always been concerned for the underprivileged and unreached. Through a comprehensive survey of the needs of the mountains of Kentucky, it was decided that this was a logical place to do missionary service. The underprivileged of the mountains of Kentucky had long since been neglected. The Evangelical Church accepted that area to further its Missionary enterprises.

This paper was written with three objectives in view. First, the writer desired a better understanding of the work which is part of the missionary outreach of his denomination. Secondly, the writer hopes some day to become a part of this endeavor. In order to understand the developments which gave rise to the present situation, it is necessary to understand the history of the work. Without this knowledge, the writer feels he cannot be qualified to meet present day problems in this work among these people. Thirdly to make available to all interested persons a history of the Red Bird Mission work in one volume. Some definite conclusions have been established in the writers mind from the research of this thesis.

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