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The beginning point for me in writing this course was the interest and knowledge given to me from the times I watched my father write other extension courses. After classroom as well as independent study at W.E.S. in the area of Theological Education by Extension, , I became interested in the direct application of the material learned through the teaching of Extension courses in Peru. Northwest Yearly of Friends Mission in Bolivia and Peru has been involved in TEE since the first days of its conception in the early 60's. There is currently a curriculum of 38 courses in the Bible Institutes of each country. I was able to move into this area of extension work from the first month that I was on the field. After being there for two years I expressed the interest in becoming involved in the revision and rewriting of the courses of the Institute. Our mission works in cooperation with the Interdenominational Committee for Theological Education by Extension (hereafter referred to as ICTEE>. The five cooperating missions study, revise, publish, and distribute the course to their respective national churches. So with the approval of this committee, the revision of the existing Homiletics course was given to me as a training process. Ron Stansell, a fellow Friends missionary in Bolivia, was appointed to supervise the writing. The next step was to become familiar with the writing style of the extension "PROGRAMMED TEXT" material used. The style of giving the information, then a question related to that material, plus giving an answer to that question is used to great advantage. This allows to student to take the material home and study the designated course and still have the immediate response to his answering the questions. Research was also done into other homiletics courses and books written in Spanish. I also taught the existing homiletics course to become acquainted with it. Then the actual writing began in a period of time set aside expressly for that. The first half of the course was written and then turn over to Ron for his revision and redirection. After learning from the experience of these revisions the second half of the course was written in another period of time. This was also revised by Ron and returned to me for the final revision of the whole course. This final revision was done this furlough year, here in the United States, after the completion of our first three years in Peru.

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