Thomas Mohr

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)




Excerpt: "Because of those who have taken an extreme position concerning typology, the subject has been either distorted or discarded. In both cases it has been very unfortunate. If it can be established that typology is a valid tool to use in studying the Bible, then "a great door and effectual is opened" to the Bible student . The problem is, has been, and always will be : " there are many adversaries ." The preliminary assumption of the writer was that typology is not unscriptual or dangerous ; rather the misuser of typology is the one that needs to be feared. Biblical laws or guidelines need to be formed that will harmonize the study of typology with typology itself; then the scholar will have freedom " of the entire pasture without jumping the fence ." The need was thus seen to encourage the informed scholar, educate the uninformed, and edify the misinformed in the field of Biblical typology. It was the objective, therefore, of this writer to accomplish this purpose."

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