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Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)




The objective of this study is to look at current eschatological literature in an attempt to determine if it reads militarism back into the book of Daniel.

"Current" is defined to mean books dating from 1960 to the present, 1983. Eschatological is interpreted to mean the doctrine of Christ's second coming. It does not, for the purposes of this project, include the doctrines of death, resurrection or immortality. Militarism is defined as "predominance of the military class or prevalence of their ideals; the spirit which exalts military virtues or ideals: the policy of aggressive military preparedness. " Both the ideals and spirit of militarism appear to be summarized in the last statement, the policy of aggressive military preparedness. Thus the criterion for militarism will be any mention of aggressiveness (disposed to attack or encroach; self-assertive; pushing; enterprising) or military accountrements (soldiers, weapons, armies or war activities).

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