K T. Joykutty

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Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)




Excerpt: "The shackles of sin seem to be overpowering mankind at a much higher potential and speed than the challenge of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The dynamic truth of the Gospel which is Jesus Christ Himself, is alarmingly unwelcome in the midst of a highly technologically and materially advanced society. Man is becoming stubbornly impervious to the truth of the Gospel, and is subdued by the potent fetters of a social giant called "Culture." Christians and Christian organizations are no exceptions. The subtle secular culture has surreptitiously found its way into the Christian community. Christian organizations have become highly culture-oriented. The evangelical church has become so closely identified with contemporary culture that it has, in the words of Conservative Baptist Missionary Rufus Jones, "become success-oriented with the same feel for maintaining the status quo as the worldly institutions, even if it means the defense of unjust economic and political programs which rob the poor, and protect the affluent." Richard V. Pierard writes in the Evangelical Quarterly, "we are as Carl F. H. Henry pointed out two decades ago, caught up in the evangelical predicament... the world-changing message of Jesus Christ has been narrowed in scope to the changing of the individuals."

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