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In the declaration of Jesus, at the conclusions of His great Sermon on the Mount, there are two words that merit special attention, "heareth" and "doeth". The problem of determining right and wrong is of an extremely serious nature because few people recognize the contrast between the secularized standards of the age and the moral principles of Christianity. In America particularly, both those in the church and those outside its fold harbor the vague illusion that the common life of man is Christian. This should be problem enough. Yet it is with deep concern that this author has noted definite discrepancies in evangelical Christianity as to the problem of right and wrong conduct. What one evangelical Christian would preach as wrong, the other would practice as right. Thus the question arose as to whether or not there were some positive principles which an evangelical Christian could deduce which bring a sense of sustainability to Christian ethical thinking.

The purpose of this study was to discover consistent evangelical Christian principles for determining ethical values, and to ascertain how these Christian principles can be communicated to the individual to motivate and guide him to proper choice.

The problem of this paper evolved from the everyday life of mankind. Because of this personal nature, the writer of this thesis felt not only justified in presenting his justification in a less formal manner, but felt he could more adequately express his feeling with his one-sided conversation.

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