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Few factors have shaped the history of our nation more than the factor of religion. This has been especially true during the times of great revival endeavor. Beginning with the Great Awakening, in the middle part of the eighteenth century, and extending to the present, America has been blessed with several revival movements which have helped to preserve her mighty heritage. Their influences have been manifold, touching every aspect of life. They have affected the social, economic, political, and moral life of the nation.

These revivals have been widely different in nature and sphere of influence. They have affected different classes of people and resulted in innumerable benefits. Wherever they have gone, they have turned men's thoughts Godward and fired their hearts with a new and living zeal for service for Him.

This paper has been written with several obejectives in view. In the first place, the writer desired to become better acquainted with the general holiness movement of which he is a part. No one can feel the pulse beat of the movement in which he is working, unless he knows something of its history, origin, and development. Doubtless there are many other men and women, both in the ministry and in the laity, who are in the same position as the writer and would welcome a study such as is developed in this thesis.

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