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Excerpt: "There are a number of words in the New Testament which have to do with the concept of sin. According to Dr. G. A. Turner there are eight roots from which these words are formed to make twenty-eight synonymous derivatives occurring a total of approximately 386 times. These facts have therefore raised the following questions:

  1. Is there a valid reason for so many different words being used to represent sin?
  2. Are these various words used erratically or systematically?
  3. May these words be classified?
  4. If they may be classified, are there any common characteristics within the various classifications?
  5. Again, are there worthy distinctions between the words within these various classifications, if classification is possible?
  6. Then again, if classification is advisable, may the major classifications be clearly distinguished?
  7. Also, does each word have any significant and distinctive meaning of its own?
  8. Finally, what is the common ground which forms the basis for all these words?"

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