Jong Jin Choe

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Master of Divinity (MDiv)




Excerpt: "The theme of the deliverance of Israel from bondage in Egypt not only provides the framework of the opening books of the Old Testament but is also recalled and emphasized in many other passages. Furthermore, one of the most fundamental and frequently repeated statements of faith in the Old Testament is that Yahweh; the God of Israel, is the one who "led Israel out of Egypt." It is noteworthy that in this affirmation God is regularly the grammatical or, at least, the logical subject, and it is equally remarkable that "Israel" as a totality always appears as the object. To the act of God, expressed in this confessional statement, Israel traced its existence and its special place among the nations. Indeed, the expression ''Yahweh who brought Israel out of Egypt" occurs in widely differing contexts in the Old Testament. This expression of the theme "Guidance out of Egypt" is unmistakably related to the background of all the texts in the Old Testament, even though it is not always mentioned directly."

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