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One of the characteristics for the end of this twentieth century is a political chaos and a lack of solid foundations. The cry for peace is louder than ever in the past history of human life. Yet, the actions of man and their consequences bring forth only injustice and the oppression of the poor. The "self" of man does not change, even if it functions under different so-called political systems.

Perhaps man's politics or its policies are false or simply they are wrongly executed. It is a repeated mistake, when certain known things are separated from the style and actions of man's life. The Book of Amos produces a classical example of failure to realize this God given principle. The men of Israel "knew," but acted contrary to it.

The pages of this research, after presenting the introductory material (time, social conditions, etc.) reveal the fulness of Amos' theology, a deeper knowledge of the nature and character of the Living God.

This Living God and His love should be the standard for the citizens of Israel. The standard is the guide post or "politics" of Israel. It is accomplished by a careful and exegetical study of choice paragraphs of the book of Amos as well as by the discussion of choice topics related to the subject.

A special note of thanks is given to my wife, Mrs. Ruth L. Suski, for her hard work and patience while typing the pages of this research.

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