Yen Pyo Hong

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Master of Divinity (MDiv)




Excerpt: "The prophecies of Isaiah are among the most important theological expressions in the Bible, and the Messianic oracle is one of those which has the most important values in the Old Testament.

The study of the Messianic idea has been done by many scholars, and our knowledge about the character of Isaiah's Messiah regarded it as eschatological. 1 But, even though Isaiah's Messianic king of pre-exilic period could be connected to the eschatological Messiah of later Judaism, it is too early to call him the eschatological being.

This research will confine its concern to the character of the Messiah of the first Isaiah and the relationship between Isaiah's Messiah and the Messianic conceptions of the ancient Near East, especially the influence of the elements of wisdom literature to Isaiah's Messianic oracle. The purpose of this research is to recognize the wisdom elements which are reflected metaphorically in the Messianic oracle of Isaiah, which may connect the kingship of the ancient Near East and the Messianic idea of later Judaism. As a result of this research, we can see a part of the process how the Word of God is being proclaimed to the world in human idea and language."

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