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Any true study of the doctrine of entire sanctification must being with the fact that God is a holy being. A study of this nature, except as it is related to the demand of God, has very little meaning. Dr. H.O. Wiley said that in the Father, holiness is original and underived, and in the Spirit, holiness is imparted. Holiness is a relative term when applied to man. An unbiased study of the Scriptures has shown that God has demanded that man be holy, and that man in his natural condition is not holy in God's sight. The problem resolved into a Biblical study of the doctrine of entire sanctification, rather than a study of the teaching of various schools of theology. It has not been the purpose of this work to ignore the views held by various theologians, but to use them as supplementary to the teaching in the Word. The problem then, was to show the New Testament teaching of entire sanctification: that is, whether it is included in regeneration or whether it is a second crisis experience.

A lot of the material which has been written on this subject takes into consideration what other men have said to the neglect of the authority of the Bible. Theologians of the various schools of conservative theology are not in agreement as to the experience of entire sanctification. A person's belief concerning entire sanctification is largely determined by his doctrine of sin and of salvation. The attitude toward the commands in the New Testament to be sanctified or to be holy will be greatly effected the by concept of sanctification.