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During the past few years, the writer has become interested in making an effective evangelistic approach to informed adherents of Japanese Buddhism. It has been observed that far too often, there are pastors and Christian laymen frustrated because of an inability to present the message of the Gospel to the Japanese who were much influenced by Buddhism. It has been the conviction of this writer as he has worked in Japanese evangelism as a crusader of the Oriental Missionary Society campaign in Japan, and later as a student pastor in a small church, that any measure of evangelical success comes as a result of teaching them a comparison between the Japanese Buddhist and the evangelical Christian doctrines of salvation. The writer also became aware of the need for such a study while preaching the Gospel to war-brides, the Japanese seamen, and students in a Bible class which was held every other Tuesday in Portland, Oregon. With this in mind, the writer has endeavored to determine how to preach the Gospel to them more effectively by comparing the Japanese Buddhism with Christianity from the salvation point of view.

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