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It was the task of this investigation to determine the teaching of John Wesley concerning the nature of the mediatorial kingdom; to discover his view pertaining to the nature of the mediatorial kingdom in relation to the individual; and to decide upon the relation of his doctrine of the mediatorial kingdom to the Church and last things.

The justification for this research was based upon two reasons. First of all, the man, whose writings with which this study has concerned itself, has been concerned an outstanding theologian and biblical scholar. John Lawson wrote concerning the importance of Wesley to Christianity;

"When we ask whether Wesley has anything to say to those who seek a revival of the true power of the Christian faith in the world today, we have found a place to begin. The prophet of revival stood with his feet planted upon the scriptural, orthodox, and traditional doctrines of the Trinity, Incarnation, Atonement, and universal free grace.

Robin Scroggs also recommended a study of the biblical theology of Wesley because of the quality of his work. Scroggs extolled Wesley for the rare harmony of intellect and piety he was able to produce. Scroggs also suggested that the education which Wesley received at Oxford was put to wonderful use in the character of his biblical scholarship. Scroggs said, "If a doctrine could not be proven from Scripture, Wesley was prepared to disown it."

Secondly, this research has been justified by the originality of the area of study. In recent years there has been increased interest in the area of the kingdom of God. There has been much confusion, and certainly the work which has been done has not been complete. G. E. Ladd said that, "The kingdom study is important because of its scriptural emphasis and its historical interpretation." Little has been done, however, concerning the view which Wesley held concerning the kingdom. John Deschner presented aspects of the work of Christ in relation to the kingdom of God, but it was in no way exhaustive or extensive enough to be considered an adequate study of this area in Wesley.

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