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Church history has revealed that the very existence and influence of a given religious organization has depended largely upon the force and efficiency of its educational system. In the final analysis, the upward and increasing tread to liberalism and modernism in this century has been a direct result of an efficient educational program. On the other hand, the fundamental truths that Christ wanted the people of all generations to hear, accept, and live by have also been handed down to the present through a process of education. In both cases, effective education has been brought to pass through effective teaching; effective teaching has been a result of effective teachers; effective teachers have been a result of an effective training process. That religious body which began with a passion and zeal to spread the Gospel of Christ, and who yet hopes to conquer the forces of evil, must carefully train its leaders and teachers.

The purpose of this study was 1) to discover the general attitude of Wesleyan Methodist Sunday school teachers and leaders of the Oregon Conference toward teacher training; 2) to determine what areas these teachers felt least capable; 3) to investigate the need for a training program; 4) and to present a proposed course of study relative to the need.