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Any true study of the term "Holiness" must immediately consider the doctrine of God and the fact that He is a holy Being. Any concept of the term except as it is related to God has very little meaning. Wiley says that in the Father, holiness is original and underived, in the Son holiness is revealed, and in the Spirit holiness is imparted. Holiness is a relative term when applied to man. The necessity of a proper understanding of the Biblical usage of the word Holiness becomes apparent immediately. Since God has demanded that man "Be Holy," and all are aware that man in his "natural" state is not holy, it is apparent that every phase of the doctrine of soteriology (the doctrine of Salvation from sin), is affected to a large degree by the concept of the meaning of this term in its usages. The problem resolves into a Biblical study or the term Holiness and related. terms, rather than a study of views held by various theologians and schools of theology. It was not the purpose of the writer to ignore views and interpretations held by various writers but to use them only as they relate to a Biblical study of these terms. Some have said that the command to be holy means only that of separation, while others maintain that the word includes a moral a aspect.

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