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The lack of uniformity exists in contemporary American Protestant summer camp programs. These programs are the products of varying church camp philosophies and procedures. A rather complex pattern of criteria has arisen to differentiate these camp programs. For example, some authorities suggest that a church camp exists only when a majority of its activities are conducted in the out-of-doors, and when such is not the case, a camp should be called a conference. It was the purpose of this research to define and clarify the philosophies and procedures used in contemporary American Protestant summer church camps.

There were three basic reasons for making this study. First was the confirmation by several organizations and church camp leaders that little had been accomplished in this field. Second was the request of the Board of Christian Education of the Pacific Northwest Conference of the Evangelical United Brethren Church for research to be enacted in this area from which it might evaluate its camps. Third was the importance of church camps to the total program of Christian education. The Manual for Camps and Conferences states: "Today it is generally acknowledged that camps and conferences furnish some of the most fertile opportunities for Christian Education."

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