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This study was designed to exegete the entire book of Romans. The study is an effort to produce a sound and thorough evangelical exposition of the book and to discover how the exposition might be applied practically.

Basically, the approach to the exposition of the book is done from various vantage points.

There is the Homiletical approach. The study is treated as a prolonged series of expository sermons. Hence the study will provide a rich resource for the preaching pastor.

There is the Analytical approach. The study is meticulously analyzed. The contents of the book are carefully and even tediously classified under attractive headings.

There is the Exegetical approach. A very serious attempt is made to exegete the important words of every verse. This is the approach that provides the basis for the interpretation of the boo~. Many Greek terms are used in connection with the interpretation of the book. An effort is made to understand how the terms were used in their own setting. This is the area of the study that prompted the most reliance on the works of others.

Finally, there is the Theological approach. The purpose here is to capture the theological meaning of the book. The doctrinal content of the book is given full treatment. No effort is made to systematize any doctrine as such. But an effort is made to discover what is actually said and to give a thoughtful exposition of the same.

The various approaches are combined in order to capture the entire message of the book.

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