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For years Protestantism has had many denominations, mainly because of variant doctrinal beliefs. Denominations who !eel their existence is justified and who feel the truths for which they stand are worth perpetuating, have the solemn responsibility of indoctrinating their followers in the basic doctrines of the Bible as well as the distinctives for which they stand. When properly done, doctrinal training should assure a denomination of its continued existence, and the perpetuation of the truths for which it stands. If not, the denomination will eventually amalgamate or disintegrate.

Accepted evangelical leaders indicated that doctrinal training was closely related to the destiny of a denomination, and most evangelical Protestant churches provided programs for age-group doctrinal training. Leaders, college professors, pastors, and "members" of Assemblies of God churches gave evidence that there was a definite need for better doctrinal training in the Assemblies of God.

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