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The Evangelical Free Church of America is a merger. It should be noted that the Free Church groups that merged in 1950 to form the Evangelical Free Church of America, each had early beginnings in the Northwest.

The first Free Evangelical witness in the Pacific Northwest occurred in the decade of the 1880s, following the historic meetings of organization at Boone, Iowa, and Boston, Massachusetts in 1884. The first churches of both the Swedish and Norwegian-Danish groups were centered in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Progress and growth were impeded in those early days by language and distance barriers. By the time that the language change was nearly completed in the year 1935, the Swedish group had three organized congregations and the Norwegian-Danish. group had four. By the time of the merger in 1950, both groups had grown appreciably. The Swedish group had added nine churches, the Norwegian-Danish group eight.

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