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It was the purpose of this investigation to determine, if possible, the early Friends' concept of perfection.

Within the ranks of Evangelical Friends today there is some confusion and diversity of opinion regarding the early Friends' view of perfection. The problem which exists is due to several factors; 1) Very little has been written, of a contemporary nature, which deals with the question. 2) Most of that which has been written was published during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, therefore making the works hard to obtain and difficult to read and interpret. 3) The association of Quakers with the Wesleyan movement has contributed to the complexity of the problem, insomuch that many have equated Fox's teaching with that of Wesley. Inasmuch as Friends maintain that they exist for a distinct purpose with a message of hope through personal faith in Jesus Christ, it was deemed necessary to investigate the writings and works of early Friends to determine what seventeenth century Friends taught regarding perfection.

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