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The local pastor today is being requested by his people to assume a growing number of responsibilities. By the very nature of -the minister's present task he is called upon to be a teacher, business man, spiritual leader, gifted speaker, competent administrator, public relations man, counselor and scholar. This is in addition to being a good husband, father and neighbor. It is this increasing demand upon the pastor that has prompted this study. With many tasks to do and limited time for each responsibility, pastors are expected to make efficient operations of their programs with the time they do have.

Successful results of church programs have been attributed to careful preparation, prayer and good administration. Some churches seem to achieve success without difficulty, but as pressure for involvement has increased, pastors and congregations have encountered bitter experiences in church administration and management.

If progressive direction and successful results are to be continued in the future, pastors must integrate guiding principles of good administration into their church program.

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