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Bishop of Jerusalem, a story of James, the Lord's brother, emerged with a certain awesome sense of finality after long periods of study and contemplation. It is a fictionalized biography of a man whom God used (behind the scenes) to interpret truth and provide guidelines necessary to the establishing of the church of Jesus Christ upon the earth.

Admittedly, the writer began with some preconceived notions regarding the man, but with no mental images so deeply engrained they could not dissolve easily in any new light received along the way.

In this study of James, his character, his appearance, his personality, and the unique influence of his life upon his - - contemporaries evolve naturally from a fast moving narrative that is free from tedious footnotes and argumentive theses.

Early in the research, it became the writer's conviction that James has been the least honored, the most controversial, and, indirectly, the most influential of all the early church leaders. Without such conviction, this work would not have been undertaken.

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