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The Evangelical Methodist Church is a very young denomination. It was organized by a small group of laymen and ministers in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 9, 1946. It came into being with the conviction to preserve the doctrines of Methodism and be an evangelical witness in the world. Under the blessing of God she has grown steadily. There are Churches and Sunday Schools scattered across the United States, many of them struggling for want of administrative helps with a denominational emphasis. The demands upon the denominational leaders have made it impossible for them to write the material which is needed to guide each local church in her educational task. To this end this work is dedicated.

The purpose of this work was to develop a usable Sunday School administrative program for a local Evangelical Methodist Church. This involves a threefold problem: To establish the fact that there is a need for active Sunday School that promote the work of the Church, to determine the relation of the pastor to the Evangelical Methodist Sunday School, and to show the need for an adequate administrative procedure in the Sunday School.

Data for this study was derived from three sources: First, letters were sent to denominational leaders for general information concerning what they would desire to see written in the field of Sunday School administration. Second, information was gleaned from the best textbooks available on the subject. Special attention was given to the books from the Church of the Nazarene and the Assemblies of God for their organizational pattern is more like that of the Evangelical Methodists. Third, recent periodicals dealing with certain subjects were considered.

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