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The emphasis of Christian preaching, teaching, and writing of recent decades has been primarily on the "love of God" and related topics. There have been other emphases, of course, but this theme has dominated Christian thinking for many years. This is in contrast to the preaching and writing of a number of years ago. In the generation just preceding this there was much more emphasis upon "hell-fire-and-brimstone" preaching than there is now. It is this area, "eternal punishment," which forms the nucleus of this study.

This is, however, not just a study of the Biblical doctrine of eternal punishment. It investigates a specific effect which this doctrine has upon a particular area of life, namely, the motivation toward missions. In the broad sense, this embraces home and foreign missions, and in that sense the term "mission" might be more accurate. The central idea of this paper is the motivation found in this doctrine toward accomplishing the perfect will of God in the world.

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