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Man's experience of salvation, both the first experience (initial salvation) and the second experience (entire sanctification) are for the most part individual and personal. The manifestations of these personal experiences, however, are seen in one's conduct in relation to other people. Thus, it is through conduct that the reality of the personal experience is seen and known by others.

It has been the purpose of this paper to present a proper Christian view of the problem which arises, in the minds of Christians and non-Christians alike, when variations in the conduct of equally devout people, holding similar doctrinal beliefs, are noticed. The writer desired to guide Christians into a wholesome regard for themselves and their fellow-heirs in the faith, in view of their experience as related to conduct. He also desired to aid those outside of the Christian experience who are sympathetic to the doctrine, but who are also confused by the apparent contradictions in the lives of profession Christians.

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