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For a number of years the writer of this thesis has been wanting to make a study of typology as found in God's Holy Word, to determine what types are, or are not. The purpose of this study was to clearly set forth the basic principles which govern types in the Scriptures as presented by various reliable sources, and to use these as a guide in this study of the Epistle to the Hebrews. This work has been limited to this Epistle, first, because its contents are largely a fulfillment of types, and secondly, because the field of typology would be much too broad for such a work. It must also be kept in mind that the inductive method was used in this study. Outside sources have been quoted mainly to substantiate what was found through this method or when the type was in any manner questioned.

There has been much written and spoken on Scriptural typology which is not reliable since many writers have confused types and symbols. Another error into which men have fallen is the pressing of types so far as to imperil the historical validity of God's Word. This study has been important as a guide, and will be a future aid in preventing one from falling into error as other portions of the Bible are studied for their typology. It was very important that a thorough study of this subject be made inasmuch as the Old Testament is a shadow or a type of that which was to come. The Bible will become more meaningful as one sees the Old blended into the New.