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Mathematicians state that for one to comprehend the Einstein theory of relativity a good knowledge of mathematics and mathematical symbols is necessary. It is impossible to put into words many of the thoughts and concepts expressed, but Einstein communicated through the use of certain symbols and formulas. When a student in any field begins his study he is soon aware that the amount of mastery he will gain in the area will depend upon his grasp and comprehension of the terminology peculiar to that field of study. It must be discovered what certain terms and thought patterns mean to those who are expert in their use.

In the study of the doctrine of original sin the student is soon confronted with such Biblical terms as, "the body of sin," "the old man," "the carnal mind," and others of a similar nature. The present problem is to try to determine the meaning of these Biblical terms as they relate to the Christian doctrine of original sin as understood by Roman Catholics, John Calvin, James Arminius, Robert Barclay and John Wesley.