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This study aimed to see how teacher implementation of a student-led discussion process influenced intrinsic motivation of students in a high school Language Arts classroom. There was a specific focus on how these discussions impacted the students’ critical thinking. A pre and post-survey, student journals, videos of discussions, and interviews were used to collect data regarding motivation and critical thought. The study verified prior research regarding student discussions as a useful tool in classrooms if implemented in an effective way. However, there were no new conclusions reached. With that said, student-reported intrinsic motivation and critical thinking showed an increase from pre to post-survey. Many students were able to learn the process of preparing and writing their own discussion questions. Students also confirmed that they believe student-led discussions are beneficial to help them see what they know and what they still need to learn. These findings, as well as other questions raised throughout the study, open the door for future research. Still, the research question cannot be answered conclusively without the consideration of other variables.