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Excerpt: "Dr. Alcantara offers us some significant insights that deserve both careful consideration and further discussion. Of primary importance, in my view, is his observation "that the humanities have lost their relevance." He attributes this loss of relevance, in part, to several shifts in educational methodology which have taken place since the middle of the twentieth century. So, instead of being seen as culturally central the humanities have been relegated to a minor role within culture generally and academia in particular. He goes on to observe that Christian higher education can choose this path, which relegates the humanities to a minor role, or it can choose an alternative, which takes into account a Christian worldview."


Proceedings of the International Conference, International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education, 15-19 November 2006, Granada, Nicaragua. Edited by Nick Lantinga, Dordt College Press (2008).

ISBN: 978-0-932914-78-1