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Fish Pond donated by the class of 1958. The fish pond was originally built in front of the Student Union Building, then the building was built up around it.

"The fish pond and patio of the student union are nearly completed," reported Dr. Arthur Roberts last Sunday. Dr. Roberts and a local bricklayer put a brick edging around the pond last weekend. He was advisor to the class of 1958, whose project was to leave a completed patio as their gift to the school. The project as it is completed to date includes a sidewalk along the French door-wall and in front of the fish pond which they installed, flowers growing in the area between the pond and the central section of the building, and lawn in the remaining area. As soon as sufficient funds arrive, the remainder of the project will be completed, according to Dr. Roberts. This will include painting the inside of the pond, installing indirect lighting in it, and planting it with gold fish."

From the Crescent, October 17, 1958.


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