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Lemmons center, completed in 1965, was designed to look like a water molecule.

"In 1964, Milo Ross, then president of George Fox College, approached the Louis Calder Foundation regarding an much-needed classroom and laboratory building. Newberg Friends Church backed up Ross with an all-night prayer meeting.

Those prayers bore fruit, Impressed bt Vancouver, Wash., architecht Donald Lindgren's innovative design, the foundation's board members approved a $300,000 grant - $100,000 beyond the maximun they had intended to give.

The one story building, named Calder Center, was opened in 1965 in the northwest corner of the campus. It consisted of three hexagonal units connected internally by corridors radiating from the main hall. for the next three decades Calder Center was the college's science building as well as home to the programs formerly known as home economics."

From the 1997 Dedication of the Lemmons Center.


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