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How does the victory of Christ over sin and death impinge on my life nearly two thousand years later, so that, as Professor Torrance bas described it, his death becomes my death and his resurrection my resurrection? I will respond to this question by briefly discussing two 'subject-centred appropriation' models and concluding with an 'object-centred participation' model. The meaning of these phrases will be unpacked as the discussion progresses. However, at the outset it is important to note that the object-centred model is based on a more radical understanding of the incarnation which has been advocated by Professor Torrance and which has ancient roots in certain Greek Fathers, that is, understanding Christ's incarnation as a putting on of our fallen, sinful humanity. This understanding of the humanity of God in Christ will reinforce our decision to replace an appropriation-centred model with an object-centred participation in the life and death of Christ.


Originally published in Christ in Our Place: Essays in Honour of James B. Torrance, edited by Hart and Thimell, Exeter: Paternoster Press (Pennsylvania: Pickwick), 1990.